Many Alaskan students struggle with academics on a daily basis, due to language related issues. The middle school grades are critical preparatory levels for the high school experience. I welcome any process and materials that will raise their achievement levels and ultimately, lower the drop-out rate in our high schools.

The Developmental Language Process strengthens our on-going efforts to provide meaningful and appropriate education for our students.

Juneau Principal

As a classroom teacher, I used the Developmental Language Process for many years. I worked with children from the primary grades through high school. Bottom line is it works!!! Students are highly motivated when this method is used and tests scores improve dramatically.

I was like so many other teachers feeling frustrated and unsure of why my teaching methods were not reaching the students. After attending my initial training session with Jim MacDiarmid years ago, I was eager to try this method. It was amazing watching the children respond to the concrete materials and numerous activities which helped cement key concepts and build a bridge to long term memory retention. Another huge bonus is children are riveted to what is going on in the lesson and are on task during the entire lesson.

Numerous administrators have visited my classroom through the years to observe me using the Developmental Language Process and in turn have asked me to provide training to other teachers. Inappropriate student behavior is nil when lessons are being presented in this manner. The Process works well with ALL students with individual learning styles and abilities.

Sylvia Elliott, Teacher

I can’t image a better way to teach students language than with the Developmental Language Process. It can be easily adapted for all content areas, is very user-friendly for teachers, and provides students a concrete process for learning language.

Karin Halpin, Anchorage School District

Jim has developed not only a highly effective language development program, but a training methodology that leaves teachers not only competent with the program, but enthusiastic with it as well.

Ed Tennant, Education Research Associates, Albuquerque N.M.